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    How to Post Screenshots


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    How to Post Screenshots Empty How to Post Screenshots

    Post by jefe323 on Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:59 pm

    This is a simple "How-To" for posting screenshots...
    (this assumes you already have the picture on your computer and you know where it is)

    1. Go to imgur (
    - If you have another image hosting website, feel free to use it. I am using imgur as it is pretty straightforward and you don't need to make an account
    2. Click the "Computer" button and navigate to your /screenshot folder (in /.minecraft)
    3. Click the "Start Upload" button
    4. Copy the link from the "Message Board" section
    5. Make a new topic here in the Screenshot forum
    6. Paste the link and add your comments

    If you have any questions about posting screenshots, feel free to post them here

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